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My fascination with cinema developed in the age of six, when I watched the first actor film in my life, and it was „Return of the Jedi”. Already then have I thought to myself, that the creation of motion picture surely has to be an interesting enterprise and that appearing on a film set is something of very fond of. Little have I known at that time, that this seemingly prosaic situation will affect my whole life.

The same year was the first I laid my hands upon a video camera. VHS, I don’t remember the specific model, unfortunately. My parents had borrowed it to record Christmas Eve and family gatherings, and soon I took this problem on my shoulders. Through the next couple of years, on occasions, I’ve photographed the family events. At that time I was already using a digital camera.

I took the first steps in video creation at the age of thirteen. I got familiar with Sony Vegas – a popular video editing software. At that time it was purely for fun, making ‘funny’ remakes of existing movies. But the breakthrough was just around the corner.

In 2009 my father endowed me with my own first video camera – a digital amateur camcorder, that become my companion during every excursion, family trip or event. At that time I was able to record and edit a film that constituted an integral entirety, following the script 3-act structure. During the same year I tried myself in a form, that was completely unrelated with family events – I made a video report from a motorcycle expo. One could say it was first the aftermovie I created 🙂 My mother presented the final video to her friends connected with movie industry – it was the first time I’ve heard I “have a good eye for detail”. Until that time I used my video camera as a way to obtain a footage for editing practice. But that comment, coming from a complete stranger, opened my eyes. It made me want to explore the secrets of image composition and start learning the art of cinematography. At that time film schools for people my age didn’t exist, and perspective of college was far ahead of me. Thus I focused on reading film production related books, specifically ones describing the work of cinematographers. I got also hooked on watching and analyzing feature films.

At the age of sixteen I made the first money out of my passion. It was a promo short for e-sport video game team: 2d animation, motion design, the edition. Starting then, rarely but systematically I earned extra money creating short internet commercials for private people and businesses taking off. Along the next event aftermovies, my first music clips occurred. During the next year I started making my first short feature movies. The school kept loosing its importance as my interests took the prime. At the end of high school I visited the first electronic music festival – Qlimax in Netherlands. Footage obtained during the event became the first step in the direction of my future work as a videographer on music festivals.

After graduating from high school I enrolled at Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw at the Department of Cinematography. School internships with recordings of classical music concerts have joined the film forms that I have implemented so far. My work was surrounded by the edge diversity of music genres – from Wagner, through Rock and Metal, up to the hardest, most brutal kicks of Hardcore music. Even back then I was living in the fast lane. During the week, after film school I was working full time in video games industry. At the weekends I was earning extra money implementing film projects and participating in succeeding festivals. Heavy, dynamic music put me in perfect mood each morning.

I reached maximum score at my final exams and next year, along with my associate, we established our own business – Dakka Prod. ltd. We specialize in corporate video and photo services, create promotional, company culture and event videos. Additionally we participate in the production of feature films and music clips.

In 2017 and 2018 I worked as a cinematographer for my first full length feature film – “Memento Mori”. The premiere eventually took place in 2019 in Luna cinema in Warsaw.

The pandemic time stopped the further development of my company. During 2020 I’ve mostly worked on TV series and programs as a camera and lighting technician.

Currently I work in many film production related professions. My main occupation and the greatest passion in still creating motion picture shots, yet I also deal with color grading and video editing. In my spare time I tend to travel and master photography (mostly analogue on 35mm film stock). I’m also a certified diver and drone pilot.

Self development is of utmost importance for me, thus I’ll gladly participate in almost every possible film and photo project. Especially one, that’ll give me an opportunity to boost my creativity 🙂

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