Patryk Dróżdż

Award-winning director of photography specializing in feature films, commercials and aftermovies. Certified UAV pilot and underwater videographer.

His main goal is the creation of cinematography for feature films. Currently preping his full length feature debut. Part of those preparations was the implementation of short feature – „Signal”, which currently makes its way to participate in Polish and international film festivals. It’s purpose is also to support raising the funds for the target full-length project. Patryk’s resume also includes one full length off-feature “Memento Mori” (2019) along with sundry shorts and student projects (“Consciousness”, “Trap”, “Kurara”).

Since 2017 the director of Dakka Prod. Ltd film production company dealing with video marketing for multiple businesses and corporations. He implements image and product films along with instructional and recruitment videos. He provided services for clients such as Sephora, MBank, ZPR, EBI.

As event videographer Patryk works on the largest music festivals in Poland (FEST, Audioriver, Sunrise) collaborating with the most renown brands in the industry (Follow the Step, RMVision). He took his first steps on legendary Dutch festivals, like Qlimax, Thunderdome, Masters of Hardcore, Hard Bass, Freaqshow. During school years he was a trainee in Warsaw Philharmonic working on concert live streams.

Throughout the years he gained the experience on numerous TV sets working as Lead Camera Operator, 2nd Camera Operator, 2nd AC, gaffer and lighting technician.

In spare time a keen traveller. From each journey he brings souvenirs in the form of holiday short films, stock footage and photographs. Mesmerised by night sky and hard music genres.

Graduate in Cinematography on Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw.

First steps in composing the frame he took in early childhood documenting family events using analogue compact Vivitar PS: 20 and VHS camera.

All-time film passionate. At the age of 6, after watching “The Return of the Jedi” he already knew, that his future will be connected with the movies.

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